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In the heart of Berlin, on Auguststrasse and the corner of Tucholskystrasse (just around the corner from the community center of Adass Yisroel), the Kolbo was opened in 1992. Kolbo is a Hebrew word which means »everything you need is within«. Everything that a Jewish household requires is on offer here, for example:

  • Sausages and meat,
  • Cheese and dairy products,
  • Filled fish and spices,
  • Sweets and ice cream,
  • Barches and bagels,
  • Greeting cards and books,
  • Religious items and much more.
The selection of goods in Kolbo spans from kosher wines from Italy, Israel, Austria and France, to macaroons, jams, honey and date syrup from the USA, to kosher cleaning products and soaps. There is a large selection of religious items, such as Hanukkah candles, Shabbat candleholders, tefilin, talit, and much more. A selection of teaching and learning material is also available for children and adults.

During Pessach, when special food regulations must be observed, the shop »KoscherLePessach« is opened and sells matzoh, kren, charosset, and everything else that a man or woman might need for Pessach.